Ego Story

Ego Story.

An omnipresent little man always willing forward…this is Ego. He is my alter self, the other part of me, maybe the most real and sincere one. Born together with me in 1974 at the same moment in which I issued my first cry, Ego came to life breathing through my own lungs.

I didn’t discover him until I was well well past adolescence but I know now that it was him that helped me walk paths that I never would have thought to travel. Every footprint I left on the earth was a step forward in the direction of knowledge and towards total freedom of expression…and I owe it in large part to him. Music is an example of how Ego has always been there next to me.

When I was 12 I began to love the guitar totally and unconditionally, turning it into one of my perfect extensions. He was perhaps the only one who believed in me even when people around me thought that I was a mad musician, far from the everyday reality. We did not care about anything and we played, we composed, we studied … He was protecting me and guiding me and I had not realized it yet. I think I actually met him for the first time around my 20’s when, moved by a perhaps excessive awareness, I began to talk to professionals who I thought could really help me to understand why I felt me so far removed from the rest of the world. The blame (or the credit?!) was Ego … It was him who for years tried to make me understand that I could never reconcile myself with reality and that I would, sooner or later, have to accept it. I was not a foolish artist then but just a guy who excessively assimilated the world and could not adapt to him. I felt everything, every little thing … but I wanted to stay away from it and grow my universe where everything was allowed and where my art would not have to bend to the myths of the moment.

Ego looked ahead without ever settling, Ego escaped from fashion, Ego laughed while my generation felt sorry for itself, Ego was crying in the middle of a buffet full of people who filled their mouths with expired finger-food and superficial speeches. Ego appeared at that time … when I was trying to have some rest and to regain touch with myself … when I had a pencil in my hand the first thing I created was a little man; lean, agile, flexible, always inclined forward … in those moments of alienation he always came out. When I was on the phone, reading the newspaper of the day while I was waiting for a coffee sitting at a bar table, while I was at school during all the boring lessons… Ego made me understand who I really am and it was inevitable that I would have dedicated, sooner or later, a whole part of my creativity towards his influence and legacy. That is why he is and he will always be present in my works … changing scenarios, moments, colours, materials, symphonies … but he is there. Ego is there and he always reminds me that we must go “beyond” to understand the true meaning of our every single emotion and action.